Picture the scene…Your recently–launched brand is not performing as well as uptake forecasts predicted. The brand manager is under pressure – which means that you are too!

You have been asked to quantify the patient pathway and leakage points for the brand to understand where within the buying process the problem lies. The brand team needs to address any issues – quickly!

You’re uncomfortable. You have conducted patient pathway research before, including multiple stakeholders/touchpoints to ensure you have the full picture… but somehow, although you have ended up with multiple pieces of the jigsaw, the full picture is still far from clear.


The Challenges:

1. Deep understanding of individual elements of the patient pathway, but lack of clarity over how the elements fit together: 
Conducting qualitative research amongst customers gives us a deep understanding of the details of the product or patient pathway, but there is sometimes little consensus between respondents (and respondent types) on which to base our conclusions.
• When “one size does not fit all”, how can we understand the bigger picture rather than focusing on individual parts of the process?

2. Disconnects between stakeholders involved in the patient pathway:
Patient pathway research needs to involve multiple stakeholders/touchpoints to provide a holistic view, but each key customer group only provides one piece of the jigsaw – purely from their own perspective. How many times have we conducted research amongst different stakeholders (for example research amongst both primary care and specialists to ask what % of all patients is managed by each group) to be given conflicting results?
• How can we calibrate each stakeholder perspective so that we can understand the true picture?

3. The need for robust quantification of opportunities and potential leverage points to drive decision-making:
Qualitative research provides a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, but in order to prioritise commercial actions, you need accurate quantification of the opportunities at each stage of the patient journey.
• How can we look at the detail within different parts of the patient pathway and confidently prioritise the opportunities for our brand?

• Provides a framework for assessing the buying process and key leverage points to ensure brand uptake.

• Seamlessly combines deep qualitative exploration with the added value of our multi–stakeholder consensus groups to challenge and calibrate the findings, before undertaking robust quantification to reveal the full picture of opportunities and leverage points, guiding your commercial decisions for your brand’s success.

• Delivers results within an activation workshop, to bring the insights alive for you and your internal stakeholders, as you prioritise impact opportunities and take decisions for your brand.



Reveal the full picture of the buying process landscape – not just individual jigsaw pieces.

Understand the multiple touchpoints of your buying process, integrating multiple customer groups, to identify opportunities and leakage points to help you strengthen your brand opportunity. PathfinderTM provides a framework for assessing the buying process and key leverage points to ensure brand uptake.



Qualitative IDIs for depth of understanding, followed by quantification to prioritise the size of the opportunities. Consensus groups bring the pieces together to reveal the full picture.

Qualitative IDIs across multiple stakeholder groups provide an understanding of the patient journey from first presentation onwards. Qualitative exploration reveals motivations, attitudes and beliefs to identify key touchpoints influencing major decisions.

Qualitative consensus groups bring together key stakeholders to discuss, challenge and calibrate the previous research outputs, working towards consensus to reveal the “true” picture of the patient journey.

Robust online quantification measures the opportunities and leakage points at each stage of the buying process, packaged in an interactive simulator tool to allow easy review and deep diving into all areas of the patient pathway.

Results are presented within an Activation Workshop to bring the insights alive for you and your internal stakeholders as you take decisions for the brand.



To give you confidence that you have a full understanding of the buying process landscape, from any key customer angle, identifying the opportunities and leakage points along the patient journey to guide your commercial decisions.

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