The thinking that underpins physician behaviour and the path that is taken during the decision-making process can often be complex; but it’s critical to understand this when developing a brand. Often it is not enough to just understand anticipated behaviour without exploring the rationale behind those reported actions.

Conventional approaches to gathering this sort of insight are limited in the extent to which they can link together behaviour and rationale:

  • Quantitative research accurately measures behaviour and identifies the importance of specifically defined drivers, but struggles to deliver in–depth understanding about why these drivers are important
  • Qualitative research provides a deep understanding of the rationale, but it is challenging to link these findings directly with the behaviour measured

There are times, though when we need to provide both in often smaller windows of time as strategic decisions need to be guided. This could include:

  • Providing a refreshed assessment of new product opportunity based on phases of trial results
  • Determining commercial value of potential in–licensing plans
  • Carrying out urgent reviews of the market landscape in response to new trial data or unexpected changes in the marketplace to refresh forecasting, for example

To tackle these issues head on we’ve developed RAPIDATM.

RAtionale + oPInion + Decisions + Action


RAPIDATM is an innovative approach which delivers exceptional value by combining the ability to capture undiluted physician behaviour quantitatively, in the setting of a qualitative focus group discussion where context and rationale for that behaviour can be explored.

  • The novel set-up and use of technology also enhances the physician experience in their participation in the market research setting
  • The structured questioning can look at product profiles, market scenarios and trade-offs, to cover all your issues in the depth and detail you need

RAPIDATM gives you DEEP, COMPREHENSIVE guidance in situations where other approaches may not be able to help, particularly when TIME is of the essence.

  • Deeper understanding of physician behaviour through enriched live debate
  • Immediate view of intention around product use
  • And contextual insight into drivers of those intentions

How does it work?

There are three key steps:
  1. In a group setting, physicians are provided with individual laptops to complete structured exercises independently during the discussion. These exercises identify their reactions, projected behaviour or attitudes
  2. Results of exercises are aggregated and analysed in real–time and presented on a shared display. Data can be shown at both an individual and group level
  3. Respondents discuss, debate and consider attitudes and likely behaviour, providing deeper insight into rationale for choices

Allowing you to:

  • Highlight differences in respondents’ answers
  • Gain in–depth understanding of rationales and contrasting views to allow debate
  • Challenge inconsistencies between expressed views compared with responses in structured exercises
  • Explore both current behaviour and potential future behaviour

And giving you:

  • Flexibility, with a wide range of structured exercises and stimuli possible, depending on the specific focus of the research
  • Breadth AND depth – combining insight and numbers
  • Commercially critical business insight when it’s needed

RAPIDATM – the solution to those situations when you need to understand the “why” as well as the “how much” to make better strategic decisions for your brand within tight time frames for action.

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